Iće i piće

NO 37, December 2013

vino i… portret vinara


Damir Fabijanić

Photos: Damir Fabijanić

This is not the name of a jointly owned cellar, nor the name of a new blend (although we suggested the name Porado for a blend consisting of Malvasia supplied in equal portions from the two winemakers). This is the story of the two winemaking families, of Peter Poletti and Franko Radovan.

In the similarity is the difference. Perhaps that would be the best description of the many-layered similarities of their wine cellars (and not just them). Of course, in the wine world there is no such expression as the same. And so we do not want to suggest in this article that they are equally good. We just want to prompt you to test out their diversity on their similarity. Just as not every vintage is the same, so it is impossible for every winemaker’s hand to be the same. Enjoy the difference.

When a good few years ago at my first Vinistra I saw the Poletti and Radovan stall, I thought that they had accidentally got the joint space. But each subsequent fair dissuaded me of the accidentalness of it. Their ladies, Loredana (P) and Danijela (R) were loyal friends and supports to their husbands and the job. And logically, they were friends, the families hung out together and travelled as a team.

Both Peter Poletti and Franko Radovan are in love with their jobs. They represent the concept of the real winemaker, i.e., the kind that you meet in the vineyard, and not just at tastings. They have the same varieties; Chardonnay, Teran, Malvasia, Cabernet and Merlot. They long ago set out with the international varieties, but see the future in the home-grown. Both of them make fresh white wines (in stainless steel) and aged reds (in wood), haven’t decided on blending, and stay loyal to what they think the terroir provides them best.

Still, in all this similarity there is one essential difference. We had more or less to drag the words out of Franko, but Peter bestowed them on us liberally. But it’s much more to the point to test out their temperaments in a glass. In action.

Poletti vina

Markovac 14

52463 Višnjan

(052) 449 251


OPG Franko Radovan

Radovani 14

52463 Višnjan

(052) 462 166, 091 5124 018


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