Iće i piće



Pizza and Prejudices

One can even say that someone who has not been in Naples, has never seen a theatre of folk life. (Pavel Pavlovic Muratov, Russians in Italy) I love Naples because it is a city that leaves nobody indifferent; you either love it or hate it. There is one more reason why I love Naples: it is the best metaphor for the contemporary world; it has an endless and impressive, but also cruel and decadent beauty.

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When we started the Iće&piće project and released our first issue back in February 2007 (!), we also set up the related website, HYPERLINK "http://www.iceipice.hr"www.iceipice.hr. A static, boring website providing basic information about each issue. And we left it so for years.
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The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning extra virgin olive oil is food and cooking. Since I grew up with it on daily basis (butter is used only with bread), my growth as a pastry chef was highly influenced with it. As fats in any form are one of the main ingredients in baking, I decided to get back to basics and use something I am most familiar with.